Defensive Driving Course- Classroom / Online defensive driving course / classroom

Reduce up to 3 demerit points

Redeem your (DDC) card within 2 years Obtain better auto insurance rates.


Principles and Foundations of Defensive Driving.

The Driver, Dealing more with Attitude.

Dealing with Intersections & Right of Way Regulations

How Passing may Lead to Collisions and Related Psychology

Aggressive Drivers and How to Avoid Being One

All students who participate in the DDC program and pass the knowledge exam with 80% or better and have a valid Alberta Drivers License will qualify for a 3 point demerit reduction on their license (this must be applied for at any registry office)

Managers, fleet safety officers and administrators are encouraged to ensure that staff members who drive company vehicles; or drive personal vehicles on company business, complete a Defensive Driving Course at least every two years, as part of their due diligence in the promotion of corporate safety.


Add The DDC with any of the above course for $90 

Classes are every 1st Mondays and 3rd Saturdays of the month at 1pm.


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